It’s been a while since I last updated here and since some people have been asking for my Aglio Olio spaghetti and Murtabak Megi recipes, here they are:

Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti

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Aglio Olio is my staple lazy food, because it is so easy to make yet so delicious. Aglio is garlic and Olio is oil and as such, I’m sure you can guess that those 2 are the main ingredients for this recipe. Lotsa garlic and lotsa olive oil (kalau nak extra sedap, use Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Garlic cloves – crushed
Extra virgin olive oil
Cili kering – ricik halus (or you can use chili flakes)
Black pepper coarse
Seafoods (clam, prawn, squid)
Cherry tomato and parsley

1. Masak spaghetti with some salt sampai al dente.
2. Tumis garlic using olive oil
3. Add in the seafood
4. Add in tossed spaghetti
5. Pour lotsa olive oil
6. Add in cherry tomato and garnish with parsley
7. Season with salt and black pepper


Murtabak Megi

Another easy peasy recipe. 2 main ingredients are megi (d’oh) and eggs. I tweeted that the person who invented this recipe deserves a standing ovation.

2 packs of megi (preferably perasa kari)
3 eggs
1 bawang besar – diced
3 garlic cloves – minced
4 cili padi (more if you want pedas)
Minced meat or chopped sausages or diced burger

1. Masak megi without the perencah sampai al dente. Toss.
2. Tumis bawang besar & garlic & cili padi
3. Add in the meat – cook sampai masak

4. In a different bowl, pukul telur with perencah
5. Add in the bahan-bahan tumis, meat & megi
6. Gaul rata all of the above

7. Panaskan oil in a pan
8. Goreng macam goreng telur dadar and done!


Where at: Banafe Village

If you are into waffles that take almost an hour to make, head to Banafe Village. Hahaha. Yeah it was malam minggu and naturally, Banafe Village was packed with lepak-ing people. Tips for Non-Johorean, if you are hungry, NEVER go to BV on malam minggu. BV is known for its happening lepak place and SLOW service. Case in point: My waffle. After 20 minutes of waiting, my order came but in the form of double scoops of ice cream when what I ordered was chocolate waffle, with double scoops of ice cream. Waited another half an hour perhaps, and my waffle arrived, ice cream dah mencair. Damn. The waffle was good though. But unless I don’t mind the wait, never again will I go to BV for waffle on malam minggu.

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Where at: Villa Gio, Taman Tun Aminah

First of all, I'm sorry for the low quality of the pictures. Took them using my iPhone (no alasan though because iPhone 4 got a good camera) but I had to juggle between shooting good pictures and handling my baby who kept fighting for the phone. Hence this. Haha.

We've been to Villa Gio once, he had seafood pasta and I had lasagna and since both were good, we decided to give the place another visit

This was our appetiser. The seafood platter. Consisting of baked scallop, clams and prawn, with some avocado & mango salad. Scrumptious!

Main course #1 - Beef peppperoni pizza was good. Definitely will go here next time for their pizza.

Main course #2 - Rack of Lamb. It was kinda good, a bit salty though. And not tender enough.

Main Course #3 - Daging kental pejal. Paling lazat terutama di pipi.

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Got this easy Choc Croissant recipe from my bestie, Ayin & tried it out today. Go get yourself an instant pastry puff, fill it with chocolate bar & bake it for 30 mins at 180 degrees. Or go to Ayin's blog for the step-by-step recipe. Easy peasy and oh so yummy!

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How to make banana puree for your baby? Blend ripe banana with some milk (baby formula or breastmilk). Add some rice cereal to thicken.

(Warning: giving unrippen banana to babies will cause them constipation)

Feed your baby:

And watch he finishes it within minutes:

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Kedai kek Season kini ada kek cawan comel! Cepat, sementara produk masih ada!

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Location: Stone Grill, Jusco Bukit Indah. Order this grill set for 2-3 (meat, beef & chicken). Worth your RM sebab banyak & sedap. It comes with side dish of fried rice or mashed potato.

As usual, the baby will feast himself with something unedible while Papa & Mama eat. Poor darling :P

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Kopi Sai Kee 434, Muar

Kopicino, Chamek Kopitiam, BBU

Old Town Kopitiam, City Square

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Head over to Starbucks for a slice of this chocolatey goodness. Pair it with a cup Choc Cream Chip! Yums!

Side note: Starbucks' baby chair is nice!

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Alaskan Snow Crab as seen on Deadliest Catch! For something so susah to catch, ia tak adalah sedap sangat. Tastes macam laut. Literally! I personally prefer our sweet, local crabs. But if you're curious, head over to Manhattan Fish Market. A platter for 2 like this will cost you around RM90. Ho ho ho!

Poor baby. Makang ikang tipu.

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